Welcome to Still Life, a photographic study

of the majestic lines and contours of the Steamies.



The G-Spot Revue at Coolidge Corner

(photos by Johnny Arguedas www.motion-blur.net)



Oooh, ya!



Second cousin, why are you so fine?



Niki's drinking makes Lainey cry.

At the Walsh brothers' show. I have a post-it on my guitar! We're professionals.



Getting drunk at a photo shoot last year. The first step to being a rockstar is to live like one!



At the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge the night we won the prestigious Lizard Lounge Comedy Contest.



What winners do - drink their winnings.



An unflattering pic from the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, where the drinks are cheap and the laughs are cheaper.



Getting funny looks at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square.



Rockin' the Great and Secret show at the Improv Boston.



Niki re-lives her college days in an interpretive dance.

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