They gave us a show! They may regret it, but until then we'll be producing and hosting a night of vaudevillian freakish hilarity on the first Thursday of every month at The Lizard Lounge in Cambrige, MA and now on the third Friday of every month at Ralph's Chadwick Square Diner Rock Club in Worcester, MA.

What the hell is this "Jerkus Circus," you ask? A Vaudevillian spectacular, we reply! Comedy, music, dancing, semi-nudity, all strung together by chaotic madness of hosts The Steamy Bohemians. Each month has a ridiculous new theme around which we write brand new material and force you to wear related clothing!

The Lizard is an intimate lounge with low ceilings and great rugs located in Cambridge just outside Harvard Square. Good food. Friendly staff. Parking lot in back.

Ralph's is a bewilderingly hip club in the vast wasteland of Worcester, MA. Bedazzled with fake tropical plants, high ceilings, a giant skull, and charismatic bartenders, you will be confused and delighted by both the atmosphere and the entertainment. (Read more about it in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette. )

We work hard to bribe some of the best acts in Boston and New York to appear on the show, so make sure you come and bring everyone you've ever met!

"With original humor that ranges from the raucous to the marvelously silly, and playing an assortment of instruments including piano, guitar, voice, tambourine, banana shaker, finger cymbals and washboard, The Steamy Bohemians are single-handedly bringing back a nearly-lost form of entertainment, the variety show ~ and they’re bending, perverting, expanding, and Bohemianizing it with no apologies. When you come experience the SB’s for yourself (catch them every third Thursday at Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner), remember that 'Yes, you can buy us a drink… but no, we won’t split it.' "

-The Pulse Magazine, "26 to Watch in 2006"

"The Steamy Bohemians not only take every pee-pee cah-cah joke and hand it back to nitwits still amazed by predictable crotch humor, but they make them like it so much that the nitwits then go home and masturbate. Feminism and fun? We used to have to keep that shit secret."
- Barry Crimmins (legendary brilliant political satirist, activist, stand-up comedian)


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