The Steamies are one of the best female musical comedy duos in Boston. Combining strikingly original yet catchy musical compositions and rich vocal harmonies with whimsical hilarity, they surprise and entertain audiences of all kinds.

In the frozen tundra of southern Rhode Island, Nicole Luparelli and Lainey Schulbaum met rolling around on the floor in the Fine Arts Center as students of music at University. Sharing the same brutal vocal instructor, their voices developed into complimentary forces, along with their neurotic-musician sensibilities. What followed was an epic tale of smoking resin before class, soprano fights, all-girl spin the bottle parties, and repeated stage hijackings at the on-campus café.

Unlike their fellow students, Nicole and Lainey were not stifled by aspirations of getting a degree that would help them land a high-paying job (or any job, for that matter) with benefits. These rebels dreamed a greater dream: to enthrall intoxicated audiences with their unique blend of music, beauty, pageantry, and awkwardness; they aimed to become the ultimate lounge act. With their cherubic voices and love of dark bars with low ceilings and bad carpeting, they have garnered such an opportunity.


The Comedy Connection, Boston, MA

The Comedy Connection, Providence, RI

The Comedy Studio, Cambridge, MA

Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway, Somerville, MA

Charles Playhouse, Boston, MA

The Improv Boston, Cambridge, MA

Club Passim, Cambridge, MA

The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, NV

Song list

Is that Okay?

Confessions of a Girl Gone Wild

Ballad of the Bastard

My Love for You (The Mayonnaise Song)

Second Cousin

God Wants Bush to be President

The Less You Talk, the More I Like You


Laugh Across America Contest, winners of the Boston Variety category

Lizard Lounge Comedy Contest


Boston Comedy Festival, 2004

Las Vegas Comedy Festival, 2004

Block Island Music Festival, 2005

Appeared with

Kenny Rogerson

Patti Ross

Tony V

Kelly MacFarland

DJ Hazard

Gary Gulman

Instruments: Piano, guitar, voice, tambourine, banana shaker, finger cymbals, washboard


Nicole Luparelli always wanted to be a comic. Even while studying to be an Opera Singer in college, she knew she was capable of more, and besides, who wants to gain all that weight?

After her escape from "the Wagner Bloods", the deadly Rhode Island Opera Gang, she fled to Worcester, only to find that it still sucked. She emigrated to Waltham, "the thinking man's Worcester," and began mocking the elite aristocracy through shallow, hack routines about her boyfriend.

Her comedy can be described as "a last ditch effort." Under the right kind of moon and with the right kind of eyes, Nicole can elicit a laughter-like response from the toughest room, even ones whose audiences don't speak fluent English.

Lainey Schulbaum never wanted to be a comic. In fact, being laughed at really makes her mad.

However, after years of trying to be taken seriously as a musician and a philosophy of logic class in college, Lainey determined the best course of action was to embrace the humor of her existence and use it to make money. After she was informed that money was not really going to be involved, she had already made several commitments that she could not get out of.

And it is with this auspicious beginning that her illustrious career began. She hopes to have many panties thrown at her from an audience in the throes of stuff.

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